Enrollment Summer Programs

Hello friends and family!

Summer is here, and we would like to invite you to participate in our first ever Summer Programs!

These three sessions will be a laidback opportunity for students to get to know each other before school starts in September. In existing Sudbury schools, new students have what is known as a “Visiting Week,” which is sort of like a trial period where they attend like a regular student in order to see if the school is a good fit for them. Because we are a startup, we can’t offer this quite yet. Instead, we’d like to offer a week or two of getting together to relax in the grass, take field trips to the library, make some lemonade, and otherwise just enjoy the summer with new friends. (This will also give us a better idea of what sort of a space we can afford to move into once the school year gets going.) The following sessions are available:

  1. May 22-25 (1 week, $50/child)
  2. June 12-23 (2 weeks, $100/child)
  3. July 10-21 (2 weeks, $100/child)

Daily session hours will be the same as the schools operation hours, 8am to 5pm. And, just like a typical school day, children are welcome to arrive and depart as best schedules for your family.

In addition, please join us June 24th and July 22nd for a community potluck and mini concert series! Detail to come!

To enroll, please download the forms on our Enrollment page and turn them in at our enrollment meeting on May 20th at 2:00pm on the top floor at Common Grounds Coffee House. Feel free to message with any questions in the meantime, and we’ll see you soon!

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