About Us

Wichita Sudbury School is a homegrown organization comprised of parents and educators interested in providing student-driven learning opportunities for the city of Wichita. We are a private, non-profit institution, devoted to providing alternative education for children of different ages and social strata.  Our school will be funded and managed with reasonable tuition, volunteer services, and private donations.

To learn more, feel free to attend one of our public informational sessions or contact us directly at info@wichitasudburyschool.org.  Follow us on Facebook to get the latest information, updates, and event schedules.

Wait, who are you, again?

Holly Rayl is a young educator with a fascination for exploring the oft overlooked details of schools and humanities. (She was frequently told that she should be a counselor by past students!) Having taught day care, third grade, and high school English already in her professional career, she is excited for this new adventure. You can follow her education blog here .

Joanna Jenkins is a childcare professional and fellow mindful parent who wants to share her enthusiasm for education not just with her own children, but with the community. The parent of a nine-year-old and a two-year-old, she has seen learning through curiosity in action and is excited to share these ideas with others.

Thank you. Your support means the world to us and our future students! <3