Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my child be able to get into college?

Yes. Every Sudbury graduate that wants to get into college is accepted, usually to their first school of choice*. There are many ways that they can do so, including taking the SAT/ACT on their own and sending scores in lieu of transcripts, sending a portfolio of work to the school in lieu of transcripts, scheduling a personal meeting with the dean of the school they wish to attend, attending community college classes prior to graduating so as to apply as a non-traditional student, etc.

*Source: Legacy of Trust

How will my child learn (math, science, writing, etc.)?

Sudbury schools do not have any sort of academic curriculum. The Sudbury style of education places its highest value on becoming a life-long learner, capable of self-directed education and dedication, over the traditional academic method of memorizing as much information as possible before graduation. In this way, we feel that our children are better equipped for whatever life as an adult may have in store, and more than 40 years of Sudbury education have shown that students leave school with the skills and knowledge necessary to follow their chosen path.

What if my child wants to (play video games / be on their phone) all day?

Your child is always learning. They are constantly absorbing information from the environment around them and the task they are focused on. We expect for our students to go through a period of transition from having no hand in their education to realizing their new found responsibility to teach themselves anything they want to learn. (This transitional time is especially important if the student has had a bad experience in a school with a more “traditional” philosophy.) After they have pushed the boundaries as far as they want, they become bored, which is a great place to be! Great things are discovered and explored out of a place of boredom!

Is Sudbury a good fit for my (ADHD/Autistic/Dyslexic/etc) child?

This can be determined on an individual basis, just as we would determine a good fit for any student who wishes to enroll. However, we can provide patience and understanding, as well as a connection to various web programs designed to cater to certain individual needs. In fact, children who face difficulty in traditional settings tend to thrive in this model, as they can work through their challenges on their own schedule and without the stigma that comes with the expectation of conformity.

Where are you located? What are your hours?

We will be open from 8am to 5pm, Monday – Friday. The state requires only that students are in school for five hours a day, so students may arrive and depart whenever is best for their families.

What does a typical day look like?

That depends entirely upon whom you ask! All students sign in when they first arrive and sign up for their housekeeping chore for the day (something like taking out the trash and recycling, sweeping the floors, etc.). Then they have a few hours to spend any way they like. Many students read, talk with friends, work on art projects, or start up a game of pretend. The Judicial Committee meets at 11am if there are any rule violations that have been written up, and they work together to solve problems within the school. Students may eat lunch whenever they get hungry and then get back to what they were working on or start something new!

What is tuition?

Tuition is $300/month/child. Ask about sibling discounts and scholarship opportunities for those that qualify.